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Sampler Texture.jpg

Once you have a sheet of clay, you can impress it with anything to hand - crosshead screwdrivers, coarse grit sandpaper and the soles of flip flops have all been used.  Here are some commercial textures.

Sampler Texture 2.jpg
Sampler MG.jpg

Textures are also used to create multi-coloured patterns.  The pink/red patterns were made from the pink/red textures, and the green from the yellow textures, seen above.

Sampler MG 2.jpg
Sampler Cut and Replace.jpg

Using a variety of cutters and blades, different colours of clay can be cut and recombined into different patterns.

Sampler Cut and Replace 2.jpg
Sampler Canes.jpg

Clay can be used to make canes, 'sausages' of clay where the patterns run right through it.  Think sticks of rock, or swiss rolls.  The cane is then cut into slices, which are places next to each other to form the pattern, rather like tiling a bathroom.

Sampler Canes 2.jpg
Sampler Onlay.jpg

A piece doesn't have to be smooth - textures can also be created using different shapes and colours, sometimes slices of cane, layered on a base.

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